Anton Grayshot is a human barbarian and core member of the Lif of the Party. He is played by Scrubblord2.0.



Anton is a fairly tall and burly man who towers over most of the party. Most of his body is covered up by his armor and furs, but what is exposed is covered in detailed tattoos that link to his lineage.


While intimidating and brutal when it comes to enemies, he is a gentle giant with his allies. Anton prides himself as protector of the party and will do anything to keep them safe. He struggles with his words and often needs a bit of help getting his point across, but generally has good intentions.

Anton is constantly struck with self-doubt and confusion as his anger-fueled rage tends to cause him to make decisions he finds himself questioning and regretting later.


Before the Campaign

Not much is known of Anton's life before the campaign, aside from his previous vocation as a carpenter. It is also known he is from Amphail, though for reasons unknown he is resistant to the idea of traveling there.

Tides of Time Saga

Within the Lif of the Party, Anton has constantly been put in a position as the party caretaker and voice of reason. When the party begins their crazy antics, Anton is often the first to voice opposition--as well as the first to comfort his allies when everything goes wrong.

Anton is the second of the party--behind Sorrow--to get heavily involved in Waterdhavian affairs. After discovering the false persona of Meloon Wardragon, Anton would find himself supporting and allying himself with Vajra Safahr of Force Grey to protect the city of Waterdeep and inherit the legendary axe, Azuredge.


During the raid on the Xanathar's Lair, Anton's demeanor begins to change when his relationship with Anne tenses, causing him to become confused and doubt himself. This crescendos when Anne refuses to let Anton pull her from combat, instead letting Dusk pick her up as she flips him off. In response, Anton snaps and in his rage throws Azuredge at Anne, nearly killing her. He then attempts to sacrifice himself to the goblin horde they were running from for his crimes--but he is thwarted by Sorrow who pulls him to safety.

After this situation, Anton would decide to put down his bladed weapons and craft himself a pair of Ironwood shields for use in combat to better protect himself and his allies.

Skills and Abilities

Sentinel: Anton has learned how to make retributive strikes against enemies that threaten his allies to stop them in their place.


  • Carpenter's Tools
  • Land Vehicles

Barbarian Abilities

  • Rage: Anton uses his anger and rage to fuel his combat techniques. When raging, he can shrug off blows and deal heavier damage himself.
  • Unarmored Defense: Anton's tough body is naturally hard to pierce through--and oddly agile for his size.
  • Reckless Attack: Anton is a master of putting himself in danger to gain an advantage on his foes for a high risk; high reward blow.
  • Danger Sense: Anton's reflexes are almost at the level of an animal's, and he often naturally dodges attacks as a 6th sense reflex.
  • Ancestral Protectors: When Anton rages, his ancestors rise from their graves to aid him in combat and force his opponents to fight him one-on-one.
  • Fast Movement: Anton is real fast boi.
  • Spirit Shield: While Anton is raging, his ancestor spirits can prevent opponents from harming those around him.


Helm of Teleportation

This helmet was gifted to the party by Vajra Safahr as a reward for eliminating the mind flayer Nihiloor. It gives its wearer the ability to teleport across the plane where they see fit.


This legendary axe gives its wielder the strength they need to protect Waterdeep and their citizens. While Anton only temporarily wielded it in place of Meloon Wardragon, the axe did appear to accept him for a small time.

Dual Shields

These ironwood shields--both crafted by Anton himself--provide Anton optimal defensive and offensive capabilities.

Cape of the Infernal Storm

A heavy black cape discovered by Sorrow in the Xanathar's Lair--this magic item was eventually gifted to item as a farewell gift.

Eyes of Charming

A pair of jeweled glasses that give its wearer the ability to charm others. This specific pair was gifted to Anton by Vajra Safahr.



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