Boris B. Uthgarovitch is a goliath barbarian Champion of Mercer's Arena. He is played by CraftyLemons as a player character, and killbud as an NPC.



Boris appears as a very muscular goliath with ash white skin, dark tattoos, and no hair. He stands about 7 feet tall. The most distinguishing feature of Boris is a crystal tattoo in the shape of a claw embedded in his chest.


Boris is very unintelligent and simple; and this shows up mainly in his speech which usually takes a 3rd-person form similar to hulk speak. Boris is simple and casual in combat, only attacking others if the are affiliated with bears or if they prove to him they are a threat.


Before the Campaign

Not much is known of Boris' goals in life or why he has a hatred of bear-kind.

Trials of the Champion

In the Trials of the Champion oneshots, those who were picked to enter the arena find themselves competing with Boris for the title of champion. In these trials, Borris exhibits extraordinary feats of endurance, constitution, and strength--striking fear in his competitors and forcing them to team up against him just to stand a chance.

Skills and Abilities

Stone's Endurance: As a goliath, Boris is able to shrug off physical blows against him.

Powerful Build: Boris is incredibly strong--able to lift up to 1,000 pounds without breaking a sweat, and up to 1 ton under intense stress.

Mountain Born: Boris is unaffected by high altitudes or cold climates.

Tavern Brawler: Boris is especially proficient at fighting with his fists, able to put more weight behind each meaty punch to deal more damage. In addition, Boris is proficient in using his environment to his advantage to defeat foes.


  • Brewer's Supplies

Barbarian Abilities

Rage: Boris is able to enter a controlled angry fury--increasing his damage and strength-based capabilities.

Unarmored Defense: Boris' body is especially tough and hard to penetrate--even with steel.

Reckless Attack: Boris uses his full weight to get every advantage he can in combat, however ignoring his own vulnerabilities in the process.

Danger Sense: Boris is able to sense and detect dangerous effects before he hits them, dodging as a reflex.

Spirit Seeker: Boris is able to connect to animals and speak their language.

Bear Totem Spirit: Boris is as tough as a bear, taking less damage from most sources.

Fast Movement: Boris is not only quick but agile, moving especially fast for his weight.



Boris' Greataxe, enhanced with the Blessing of the Champion. While he wields this axe, both his body and mind is faster and stronger.

Insignia of Claws

The crystal claw tattoo embedded within Boris' chest. This magical crystal appears to enhance the might of Boris' fists.


A blue crystal globe Boris uses to illuminate dark caverns.

Horn of Silent Alarm

A magical horn Boris can use to alert his allies without alarming his enemies.

Rope of Climbing

A magical rope with a mind of its own, this rope is able to hoist itself to great lengths to allow Boris to climb it.


Mother Bear


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