Carg is a bugbear bodyguard for Cade Underbough and member of the Lif of the Party. He is primarily played by killbud, but on occasion has been passed off to other players.



Carg is normally a brown bugbear in a fine suit and top hat. He carries a shortsword and javelin with him at all times. However, since Carg was kidnapped his suit has been left behind in his quarters of the Lif's Loft. It is assumed Carg currently wears no clothes.


Carg is a follower at heart. The bugbear is not very intelligent and prefers to follow the commands and instructions given to him by other party members. Much like his boss Cade Underbough, Carg holds little to no morals about his actions. He prefers to take any action that will further his own survival. Unlike his boss, Carg doesn't have an attraction to wealth or power, but simply wants to survive however possible. Despite his immoral behavior, Carg has some sense of honor and has never backed out of a deal he's made.


Before the Campaign

Carg has never spoken of his origins before being introduced to the party. Due to his low intelligence and disinterest in power or wealth, Carg likely originates from a goblinoid clan somewhere near Waterdeep.

Tides of Time Saga

Carg first appeared in the campaign as one of the caged wares of a travelling salesman who mistook him for an owlbear. While Sorrow was the first to spot him, Cade Underbough was the one who would purchase the bugbear and set him free. In exchange, Carg then agreed to enter a life of servitude to Cade. Soon after, Cade sent Carg to the Field Ward to train--where he gained his first class level as a rogue.

Becoming the Dapper Bugbear

Quickly after returning from the Field Ward, Cade treated Carg to a new outfit and uniform; his suit and top hat. Along with the outfit came a monocle and cane--but Carg tended to leave behind these accessories. Since wearing the suit, Carg gained the title as the Dapper Bugbear of the Lif of the Party. It is also noted that Carg was trained and instructed to speak in a british accent, however Carg only occasionally remembers to do so.

Carg's Kidnapping

When the party's tension against the Xanathar's Guild reached an all-time high, Carg was kidnapped by the beholder's underlings. His room and clothes were left behind as Carg spent around 3 days within the Xanathar's Lair as a captive. Upon being rescued, Carg informed the party that he had been hanging upside down and treated like a pinata for the entire three days. Soon after being rescued, Carg would follow his boss Cade as he becomes the new Xanathar.

Skills and Abilities

Brute: Carg is especially strong, and deals extra damage with his weapons.

Surprise Attack: Carg is an expert at attacking an enemy off-guard. Should he get the drop on an enemy in combat, he can easily strike a fatal wound.

Class Abilities

Rogue Abilities

  • Sneak Attack: Carg is adept at attacking an enemy's weak points. Should he have an advantageous strike against an opponent, he can deal additional damage to them.
  • Cunning Action: Carg is quicker than the average bugbear in body and mind and is able to react to situations faster than normally possible.

Fighter Abilities

  • Second Wind: Carg has learned the ability to shrug off blows and slightly recover himself in order to keep fighting.
  • Protection Fighting Style: Carg's fast reflexes with his shield allow him to quickly protect his allies from harm.


Carg has no known important possessions.


Cade Underbough

While Carg's relationship with Cade is primarily a working relationship of minion and boss, there is more to these two than meets the eye. Carg has shown interest in protecting Cade more than a working relationship--willing to risk his own life in the interest of preserving Cade's. However their relationship started at, Cade is now considered a close friend and ally for our bugbear.

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