Jasher Lead-Tongue is a human bloodhunter of the Order of the Lycan and a core member of the Ancient Greece party. He is played by theashenangel in the Ancient Greece campaign, and later shows up as a NPC played by killbud in the Tides of Time Saga.



Jasher's appearance in the Ancient Greece campaign is almost that of a corpse. His skin is so pale it is almost translucent thanks to the spirit Jasher harbors within him. He first appears at a young age of 21, with dark brown hair and hetero eyes; one an emerald green and the other an amber gold. For clothing, Jasher prepared for traveler's comfort; lots of leathers, coats, and layers.

Tides of Time Saga

When Jasher reappears in the Tides of Time Saga, he is considerably aged. Instead of his young 21 appearance, he appears to be a middle-aged man around his 50's. His hair is no longer brown but white, his skin is more tanned, and his emerald green eye is now white and blinded.


Jasher is an adventurer and scholar at heart. He has a scientific lust for knowledge and wishes to explore, observe, and interact with the unknown and magical elements of the world. However, Jasher is skittish, shy, and extremely reserved to his books. This un-charismatic combo landed him the title "Lead-Tongue", since he wouldn't really talk to anyone in his town.


Ancient Greece


Tides of Time Saga

Jasher reappeared in the Tides of Time Saga when his greek ship showed up in thunderous applause at the edge of Waterdeep's ports. Not much is known yet about Jasher, except that he is in an ancient greek ship with a pet hydra. In addition, it seems his appearance has been expected by some of the other greek heroes.

Skills and Abilities

In the Ancient Greece campaign, Jasher was a level 6 bloodhunter of the Order of the Lycan when in his prime. In Tides of Time Saga, his abilities are still largely unknown; except for the following speculated abilities:

Immortal Form: Jasher's appearance in Ancient Greece and the modern Waterdeep make him extremely old, surviving more than 2,000 years without seemingly aging more than 50 years. This points to him having a form either resistant or immune to Time's grasp.

Master of Monsters: In Jasher's resurgence, he possesses a pet Hydra at his side. Exhibiting great control over such a powerful monster hints at Jasher's new abilities to tame and master monstrous races.

Spacial Travel: In his appearance, Jasher's ship is summoned to Waterdeep through unnatural thunderous force, thus showing some semblance of spacial teleportation.

Sun God's Kin: It is well known that Jasher is related to the ancient God of the Sun, Apollo. This could be affecting Jasher's other abilities and giving him more ontop.

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