Levi is a tiefling enchanter specializing in arcane writings and runes. He is played by theashenangel.



Levi is a blue tiefling standing 6 feet tall. He's got long black hair and wears clothes designed for comfort and travel. Levi has no pupils, instead his eyes are fully yellow.


Levi has a very introverted personality. While he is not in the slightest against talking to people, he often sinks back into his own mind when prompted with a question or curiosity that needs an answer. Levi is very independent and confident with himself--not afraid to show his blue skin or speak freely of his past accomplishments.


Before the Campaign

While most of Levi's life before the campaign is still a mystery, he has spoken of some of his travels and adventures. It is known that Levi is from the areas surrounding Neverwinter and that he used to be a member of an adventuring group based in the city. As part of this group's adventures, they claim to have defeated dragons on multiple occasions--however these claims have not been confirmed.

Tides of Time Saga

Levi was first introduced to the Lif of the Party when he appeared at the door of their tavern, Lif's Loft, with an old deed to the building. This deed was apparently passed down through the generations of Levi's family from back when they apparently used to work with Lif himself. Levi however had no plans to take the tavern from the party, but appears to only be the owner-in-name and allow the party to run the tavern as normal.

Skills and Abilities

Darkvision: Levi can see in darkness (in shades of gray) up to 60 feet out.

Hellish Resistance: Levi has a resistance to fire thanks to his tiefling blood.

Legacy of Stygia: Levi's blood connection with the lord of Stygia allows him to channel similar magical spells; Ray of Frost, Armor of Agathys, and Darkness.

Cantrip Mastery: Levi is a master of incantations and can cast cantrips faster than the normal spellcaster.


  • Calligrapher's Supplies
  • Cartographer's Tools
  • Forgery Kit
  • Lyre
  • Thieves' Tools
  • Tinker's Tools

Artificer Abilities

  • Magical Tinkering
  • Infuse Item
  • Tool Expertise
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Artificial Mind
    • Telepathic Advisor
    • Manifest Mind
    • Information Overload

Bard Abilities

  • Bardic Inspiration
  • Jack of All Trades
  • Song of Rest
  • Cutting Words


Deck of Illusions

Ring of Truth Telling

Smoldering Chain Shirt



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