Tova is a water genasi ranger and explorer alongside her companion, Casper. She is played by Wickit. Tova joined the Tides of Time Saga campaign during Session #17.



Tova appears in the Tides of Time Saga as a Water Genasi girl with sea-green skin and long blue-green hair. Her most iconic and distinguishing features are her eyes which are very similar to a shark's and a scar formed across one of her eyebrows.


Tova is an observational person, preferring to stand back and watch rather than interfere with a situation. She also tends to make her point clear, and usually speaks with purpose. She has a strong bond with her companion, Casper.


Before the Campaign

Nothing is really known about Tova before she met the party in the Tides of Time campaign. The only thing really known is that she is a traveler and a wanderer, very far from her home.

Tides of Time Saga

Tova and Casper were first introduced to the party as patrons of their tavern. While it is unclear why exactly they were attracted to the tavern or the party, their unusual looks and presence immediately drew the Lif of the Party's attention.

Skills and Abilities

Acid Resistance: Tova is resistant to acidic properties that would otherwise damage her.

Amphibious: Tova has the ability to breathe both air and water.

Call to the Wave: As a Water Genasi, Tova has the inherit ability to manipulate water in ways other races cannot.

Dual Wielder: Tova has trained in dual-weapon fighting, and is proficient in blocking and avoiding blows while using this fighting style.


  • Dulcimer

Ranger Abilities

Favored Enemy: Tova is especially experienced in fighting and hunting fiends and celestials. She has an easier time recalling knowledge and tracking these types of information.

Natural Explorer: Tova is especially experienced in traveling through grassland and mountains and is able to more easily move through those terrains.

Two-Weapon Fighting Style: Tova is adept at dealing extra damage with her off-hand strikes.

Primeval Awareness: Tova is able to magically detect certain monstrous creatures within several miles of her.

Ranger's Companion: Tova has a companion in the form of Casper, who has trained in fighting alongside her.


Periapt of Wound Closure

This magical pendant protects Tova from fatal wounds when is defeated by her obstacles. It appears to have some connection to Casper as well.

Stone of Good Luck

This polished agate is imbued with luck and Tova appears to be more successful at tasks while it is in her possession.



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