The Xanathar is a title held by the leader of the Xanathar's Guild. It primarily is held by beholders, however there have been other races to wield the title from time to time. The current Xanathar is a halfling sorcerer named Cade Underbough--who reigns as the 16th Xanathar.


Before the Campaign

Tides of Time Saga

Notable Previous Title Holders


A beholder who's name was Xanathar. Original leader of the Xanathar's Guild.

The 2nd Xanathar

Defeated the Xanathar with the help of the Lords' Alliance, and assumed his name in order to integrate into the guild easier. The guild didn't know of the new Xanathar aside from a few buried rumors.

The Eye

The Eye, the 3rd Xanathar (center), with other members of the Xanathar's Guild

The Eye

Defeated the 2nd Xanathar with the help of a beholder named Uthh. Assumed the identity in order to integrate into the guild easier. Officially turned the name "Xanathar" into a title. Was eventually slain by the next Xanathar.



Zushaxx, the 14th Xanathar along with his pet goldfish Sylgar

The 13th Xanathar. Eventually grew bored and retired--handing off the title to the young beholder, Zushaxx.


The 14th Xanathar and primary antagonist for the first arc of the Tides of Time Saga. Eventually slain by the Lif of the Party with the aid of Jalester Silvermane and Vajra Safahr.


The 15th Xanathar. Was given the title by 3 goblins of the Xanathar's Guild: Qik, Peg, and Grubgrub. Held the title for about a day, until Cade Underbough was recognized as the official successor by the guild majordomo Ahmaergo.

Non-Player Characters

Carybdis, Halaster Blackcloak, Iapetus, Jarlaxle Baenre, Klasha, Nar'l Xibrindas, Nihiloor, Noska Ur'gray, Polyphemus, Scylla, Soluun Xibrindas, Xanathar, Xoblob

Major NPCs

Alastor, Bacchios, Caleope, Carg, Casper, Cephalos, Jalester Silvermane, Laeral Silverhand, Lif, Meloon Wardragon, Qrr'zarq, Renaer Neverember, Vajra Safahr, Volothamp Geddarm

Minor NPCs

Ahmaergo, Archlich Tecton, Aurinax, Barnibus Blastwind, Bonnie, Davil Starsong, Durnan, Floon Blagmaar, Garmo, Garrich Coppercleaver, Great Question, Hlam, Hormo Proudfoot, Hyustus Staget, Ikmirn, Istrid Horn, Jeryth Phaulkon, Kayde, Krentz, Leandros Roulaina, Lubnub, Madame Agathé, Maro, Matilda, Mattrim Mereg, Melannor Fellbranch, Mirt, Nicanor, Obaya Uday, Olimartianotieal, Oracle, Orond Gralhund, Paulonious, Pelopia, Rishaal, Saeth Cromley, Silenos, Skeemo Weirdbottle, Talisolvanar Fellbranch, Tashlyn Yafeera, Thaleia Roulaina, Thersander, Thorvin Twinbeard, Thymm, Truffle, Urstul Floxin, Vincent Trench, Xoblob Jr., Yagra Stonefist, Yalah Gralhund, Ziraj, Zoe

Divine Beings

Apollo, Asmodeus, Athena, Bhaal, Calypso, Hades, Marg'Da, Hermes, Mercer, Kadea, Obium, Persephone, Silvern, Thanatos, Typhon, Urreus,

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